Final Game

Final Game:

You have haven't already you can visit my design Doc, Week 1Week 2, and Playable Prototype to catch you up on what we have done. Or what you have missed. If you would like to down load the game press here.

The Story of our game:

This is the story on how our game started. At first our game was just a small parkour creation made my me just for fun. Then our teacher, Mr. Issacs,  told us that our project that we had to do was make a new game in a group. So, then I founds some of our friends and that pink parkour was the beginning of our game. It has been modified some times but it is mostly still the same

In game story:

In the city of Gome the Olympics have been going on for a hundred years with countless lives lost in the last round known as the round of death. The two families of Axel and Zane have been competing with each other with 50 wins each in the last 100 years. Axel’s father had killed Zane’s father and Axel’s grandfather had been killed by Zane’s. The tension between these two families at are an all time high and they cause massive chaos within the city and the government has had enough. There has been a command from the emperor Zargarof to kill the entire losing family. Zane and Axel now have the pressure of the world on top of their shoulders. Not just to carry on the legacy, but to have their family’s survive. Who will make it to the round of death where they fight to the death? Who will win the previous rounds and have the better weapons? Whose legacy will continue? Whose family will live?

How we were inspired to make this game:

We created the Minecraft Olympics because I originally started with the parkour but some of the group members didn't want to do just parkour. Then we though what if we do many different levels in one. Thus, the Minecraft Olympics was created.

What tool we used:

We used Minecraft Education Addition because we all had account from last year in school and some of us didn't have vanilla Minecraft Accounts. Education Addition helps us because we used NPCs too fill as our spectators in the arena.

Thoughts about game design process:

I really liked making this game in minecraft. Making the story in this game was ok but I really liked making the game because we could use a lot of creativity. I liked how we were really independent in this project so we could do things the way we wanted too.


Some things that we did well was we made the game completely automated so the command blocks will do everything for you and you can restart the game and everything will be reset. We also got our game completely finished so all we need is a publisher to make it final.


I don't think what we had many challenges. I think the the most hard thing was making sure that all of the command blocks were set to where they should be. Like how if a command block should give you something or teleport you to the next level, we had to make sure that it did that.

Continuing making games:

I don't know if I would like to do this for my career. I would like to do something in the medical field but if that doesn't work out making games wouldn't be that bad. As we get better technology the game industry is going to get a lot bigger so it could be promising.


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