My Own Game: The Minecraft Olympics

Name (s): John, Zayan, Ben, Charlie

Game Title: Minecraft Olympics Genre: Action/Adventure

Tool / platform you think you will use to create the game: Minecraft


In the city of Gome the Olympics have been going on for a hundred years with countless lives lost in the last round known as the round of death. The two families of Axel and Zane have been competing with each other with 50 wins each in the last 100 years. Axel’s father had killed Zane’s father and Axel’s grandfather had been killed by Zane’s. The tension between these two families at are an all time high and they cause massive chaos within the city and the government has had enough. There has been a command from the emperor Zargarof to kill the entire losing family. Zane and Axel now have the pressure of the world on top of their shoulders. Not just to carry on the legacy, but to have their family’s survive. Who will make it to the round of death where they fight to the death? Who will win the previous rounds and have the better weapons? Whose legacy will continue? Whose family will live?


Playable Character(s):

Axel: Axel is a short, strong boy. He has blue eyes and blond hair. He is very competitive in life and in sports. His parents have put him through emensed training a preparation for this moment. Both of his parents have won this Olympics many times before through their natural gifts, so there is a lot of stress on his shoulders. He is very cocky and thinks he is automatically going to win. He was just informed that the government said that the losing family will be executed.

Zane: Zane is a tall, skinny lad. He has brown eyes and brown hair. Like Axel he is very competitive in everything and both his parents have won the Olympics many times. He has trained hard for this moment. Zane is older and wiser than Axel so he isn’t cocky. He knows what he has to do to win. His family hasn’t won through pure athleticism but their wits. He was also informed the government has sent an issue that the losing family will be executed.

NPCs (Non-playable characters - these are characters you encounter in the game that share information with you to help guide the story development and provide guide the character):

NPCs will inform both of the players, of quests give them special armor/equipment and act as viewers of the olympics. The NPCs will act as the families of the players and that will help develop the plot of the story and act as the win/lose scenario.


Intro Screen options: (instructions? Play? ) You will spawn in a box and it will include the rules of the game, and the player will have a choice on which characters they want to be.

Level 1: Parkour. On this level the two competitors will have to try to beat each other in their parkour skills. Player damage will be turned off so the players can’t hurt each other. Their will be command blocks that act a check points throughout the level. Who ever reaches the end first will get a reward. There will be obstacle in the way of the player to keep them from getting to their objective like lava.

Level 2: Archery. In archery you will start out by shooting arrows at simple targets that’ll teleport you to the next target, however each next target will have a new challenge added to it such as a moving platform, nausea, a moving target, having to hit multiple targets within a certain time, ect.

Level 3: Dropper. In this level both of the players will be put into a dropper and have to get to the bottom. But while dropping to the bottom there will be different obstacles that if you touch you will die. First one to land in the puddle of water at the bottom wins the stage.

Level 4: The Death Round. This is the final level. Both of the players will get stone sword and stone armor. If the player have collected any of the special items from winning other rounds. This level is also simple. All this level is a 1 v 1.

Other: The final level will have the winner spawn next to a lever and when he/she presses it it will drop the opposing persons family into a lava pit for their son losing.


You will encounter different types of swords at the end of each stage to kill the other player in stage 4

You will encounter different types of armour at the end of each stage to protect yourself in the last stage

You will encounter different spells(potions) at the end of each stage that will be useful in a fight such as speed or damage increase.

Winning / Losing Scenario

To win the game you have to be the last one standing at the end of the game in the last round, however if you die in any of the previous rounds you will respawn at the beginning of the stage or in the middle of it depending on how long you got through the stage. To lose you will be the one who was killed in stage 4 and you will be teleported to a room where you see your family be killed.

Challenges you anticipate

There is a lot of teleportation done by command blocks in our game so typing all the coordinates precisely where they should be and do it all perfectly the first time will be near impossible. That will be the main challenge in our game.

Plan for Automation

Things that will have to be automated in our game is the effects that we add to the players in the level and the teleportation of players to where they should be as well as turning on and off gamerules in the game depending on where they are in the game. This will all be done through command blocks that are placed in subtle places throughout the game. And also we will use command blocks to set where someone should respawn when they die.


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